Monday, January 26, 2015

Believe and Achieve 2015

Lots of goals to be fulfilled this year. I'm trying to believe more in myself and not let the pressure of the next 8 months get the best of me! I have quite a bit of things I would like to accomplish before my 30th birthday in August. I just keep telling myself that it will be okay if I don't accomplish everything. I did set some of my goals with very wishful thinking! I think as long as there is a plan in motion and I have the best intentions of completing each goal then that should be good enough! Right!? If I BELIEVE then I will ACHIEVE!

I am considering modifying a few of my more hard to reach goals just a bit and maybe tweaking some others. Either way I am planning to make the most of 2015 and embrace this upcoming milestone in my life with full force!!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Wreck This Journal- A Work in Progress!

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to things you make or create? Having a hard time stepping outside of your comfort zone? Then head to Amazon or a local book store and pick up the Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith!! You will not be disappointed!

Me and My Journal
I started mine a few weeks back and I have just been playing around and making messes and going to town on some of these pages! I've even enlisted help from my family and coworkers and we are all having a ball with it! I have even made it a goal to go back to each of the messy pages when I am through and turn them into something beautiful. It will be a challenge for sure, but it will also help me to learn that just because something is messed up or ugly doesn't mean that it can't turn into something spectacular with a little TLC. :)

My Journal Cover

Who doesn't love to get messy sometimes?

Now this was fun! I took it work and we all took turns throwing tomatoes at the target!
You can even see the seeds!

Just scratched this page up with my trusty ole scissors!

I made some shimmery circles with glitter puffy paint!

It may not be easy to see in this photo but I wrote the word Love over and over with white
and painted over with rainbow water colors.

My ugly drawing still in progress. Alex wants me to add a little guy climbing to the
top of the Poo Mountain. Ha!

This looks like an ink blot test.

This one is sooooo gross, but it makes me laugh so hard. A friend from work poured pop and
crushed crackers all over this page!!!

This is what happens when you leave your book open and give your coworkers free reign over a page!
Yes they drew the 3 of us riding a giant dong!

The little pyro in me had a blast destroying this page!

Stay tuned for more Wreckage!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

30 before 30

   If there is one thing that I am sure of it is that growing older is a scary thing. The future is unknown. You can't really plan for it. You can think you can and you can try, but you will never know what curveballs life will throw at you. (And she aims for your face sometimes!)

   I have let this horrifying feeling of turning 30 years old consume my thoughts as of late. I still have a whole year and 16 days before that even happens, yet all I can think of are ways to try and avoid the inevitable. I have gone as far as straight denial and telling my friends I will just have 29 again birthdays every year or try to start over at 21 instead. (seriously?!)

   Honestly, this feeling of fear and dread that I have doesn't even have anything to do with getting older or dying. It is more so that I haven't really accomplished anything extraordinary with my life in these nearly 30 years. I do not want to confuse or take away from every life's greatest accomplishment which I believe is love.Yes I am the mother of an extremely adorable, way too smart for his britches, sweet little boy. And yes I am finally in a relationship with a man who not only loves me and my son and takes care of us, but he also shows me kindness and respect and supports me in ways I never thought I deserved! My life is not horrible and it is not empty. I just cannot fight this internal feeling I have that I should be doing more. I should have finished more things that I started. I should not be afraid to turn 30 years old.

   I am proud to say that I have made the greatest decision that I could make for myself. I am going to embrace 30 with open arms. I want to shout from the roof tops "Bring it On 30!" I want this life of mine to be a journey, not a destination.

This is the cover of my Art Journal

With that being said I have decided to create a list. A sort of bucket list. 30 things I want to do or accomplish before I turn 30. (These are in no particular order)

30 before 30 Art Journal Page 1

30 before 30 Art Journal page2

30 before 30
1. Go on a family camping trip.
2. See the ocean and walk on the beach.
3. Take a class just for fun.
4. Become a manager.
5. Go horseback riding.
6. Learn to drive stick shift.
7. Get in the best shape of my life.
8. Climb a rock wall.
9. Visit Washington D.C.
10. Ride on a boat.
11. Read 30 books for fun.
12. Build something.
13. Visit a local Farmer's Market.
14. Get a tattoo.
15. Run in a 5K.
16. Go ziplining.
17. Live in a house.
18. Watch Tyler's list of movies I've never seen.
19. Sell something I have made.
20. Plant a tree/Grow something.
21. Visit a new state.
22. Cook 1 new recipe every month.
23. Go hiking with my camera often.
24. Start blogging twice a week.
25. Ride on a Ferris Wheel.
26. Play paintball.
27. Learn something new.
28. Pay it Forward.
29. Finish a 365 Project.
30. Buy a bike and go riding.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Total Alignment: Opening My Heart Center

I've recently come across some pretty amazing Blogs for Art Journaling. I mean these ladies are so amazing and extremely talented. I have learned so much about art in the past few weeks just from reading their posts and watching their videos.
One particular lesson lately has really stuck out and opened my eyes, heart, and mind to so many new things. Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio has a truly wonderful Free Workshop posted on her blog called Total Alignment (which you can find linked over in the Blog Love on the right side of my page) She has taught me a few things about getting started and the supplies needed to start your journey. The first lesson called "Opening the Heart Center" is something that I'm really looking forward to talking about.
 Not only is Connie one of the sweetest ladies around, she has such a calm and loving spirit. I could listen to her talk and be silly and sincere all day. She spoke about just taking time out of each day to just sit and meditate and focus on breathing and really becoming in tune with your heart. Once I closed my eyes I could just feel all the stress and nonsense from the day just disappear. Literally I didn't even think about anything that was bothering me. All I saw was myself. All I heard was my breathing and Connie's voice. I don't think I've felt that relaxed in I don't know how long! It was as if my brain was shut down and my heart was doing all of the work. When you learn to let your heart shine and do the "thinking" for you then everything else just has a way of working itself out, whether its in your Art or in your actions.
I sat down to paint today and I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I didn't know what I wanted or how it was going to end up. I just closed my eyes, listened to my breathing and let my heart do the work for me. I started with just a heart on the paper. Then I turned it into a sort of self portrait. It was my heart doing all of the work after all. I feel that if I let my heart shine and do all of the work for me and I practice this everyday then maybe, just maybe it will shine through the rest of me. Maybe it will shine so bright that other people around me will begin to notice. Perhaps I will even begin to inspire others to let their heart do the work and shine through for others.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My First Water Color Painting

This is my first attempt at painting with water colors.

Not the most creative or original piece of work, but I am quite pleased with the outcome. Especially considering I've never really painted with water colors before (other than with the kids). This was just me with a paint brush and a days worth of watching awesome tutorials on YouTube. I enjoyed playing around with the different colors and the doodles were fun too.

Artwork Inspired by Effy Wild's Painting "Wildly Happy". Her blog is awesome, her tutorials rock, and I am a Fan FOR LIFE!