Monday, July 14, 2014

Wreck This Journal- A Work in Progress!

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to things you make or create? Having a hard time stepping outside of your comfort zone? Then head to Amazon or a local book store and pick up the Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith!! You will not be disappointed!

Me and My Journal
I started mine a few weeks back and I have just been playing around and making messes and going to town on some of these pages! I've even enlisted help from my family and coworkers and we are all having a ball with it! I have even made it a goal to go back to each of the messy pages when I am through and turn them into something beautiful. It will be a challenge for sure, but it will also help me to learn that just because something is messed up or ugly doesn't mean that it can't turn into something spectacular with a little TLC. :)

My Journal Cover

Who doesn't love to get messy sometimes?

Now this was fun! I took it work and we all took turns throwing tomatoes at the target!
You can even see the seeds!

Just scratched this page up with my trusty ole scissors!

I made some shimmery circles with glitter puffy paint!

It may not be easy to see in this photo but I wrote the word Love over and over with white
and painted over with rainbow water colors.

My ugly drawing still in progress. Alex wants me to add a little guy climbing to the
top of the Poo Mountain. Ha!

This looks like an ink blot test.

This one is sooooo gross, but it makes me laugh so hard. A friend from work poured pop and
crushed crackers all over this page!!!

This is what happens when you leave your book open and give your coworkers free reign over a page!
Yes they drew the 3 of us riding a giant dong!

The little pyro in me had a blast destroying this page!

Stay tuned for more Wreckage!!!

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